The Rafflesia

Welcome to The Rafflesia. With a stroke of serendipity, Nature and City can finally meet.
Here, you can finally have it all.

Carve intimate memories in an inspiring home, thoughtfully built on verdant, rolling hills. Surrounded by a tranquil lake, no other abode comes close to mark a life well-lived. The Rafflesia stands as a symbol of your arrival to a privileged life, where many blessings unfold.

Enjoy a simple walk at the lush garden, or gather with family and friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Whatever you indulge in, feel the chronicle of your life blossoming, chapter by chapter.

From the moment you wake up, till you bid the day farewell, nature becomes an inspiration for you to truly discover and love life.

It’s easy to live the good life when you are surrounded by nature. Aside from breathtaking views, each stunning lot is spacious enough so that you and your loved ones can live in ultimate luxury and comfort.

What’s more, this exclusive neighbourhood is guarded to ensure your maximum safety. Now you can enjoy freedom and an open community with your neighbours, in the private embrace of nature.